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The Notaries and Commissioners Act provides a list of individuals who may administer oaths and affirmations. This includes notaries public and commissioners for oaths.  The lawyers at Chahal Raj Law are pleased to offer Notary and Commissioner of Oaths services for walk-ins and those with appointments.

Keep reading to learn more about what a Notary Public and Commissioner of Oaths are, the services we offer, and how the Chahal Raj Law can help you.  For more information or questions not answered on this page, please contact our office to speak to a lawyer on our team.

What is a Commissioner for Oaths?

A commissioner for oaths has the authority to administer oaths and affirmations, take statutory declarations, and witness and attest to the signatures of documents. They also have the authority to swear in witnesses and sign affidavits.

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary also has the authority to administer oaths and affirmations, take statutory declarations, witness and attest to the signatures of documents, and swear in witnesses and sign affidavits to be used outside Alberta or Canada.

A notary may sign documents to attest that they are true and accurate copies of originals.

Notaries public perform many different functions. Some common examples include:

  • Certifying copies of documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, marriage licenses, etc.;
  • Attesting to the authenticity of documents;
  • Attesting to the signature of a party;
  • Taking acknowledgments, and lastly
  • Affirming that a statement is true.

We offer flat fees for single or multiple documents to be commissioned or notarized. For more information and flat fees on our Notaries Public and Commissioner of Oaths services, contact our law office today at (780) 447-2799 to schedule an appointment with one of our Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public.

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