Commercial Real Estate Legal Services in Edmonton

Commercial real estate is complicated, so it’s always best to hire a law firm specializing in handling complex real estate transactions.

Chahal Raj Law has helped numerous business clients negotiate complex commercial leases, including retail spaces, office space, industrial parks, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and residential housing. Our lawyers have the experience to guide and navigate commercial real estate transactions smoothly from start to finish.

We’re here to protect you against any potential pitfalls during the buying and selling process. Let us handle the legal aspects of your commercial property transaction so you can focus on running your business.

Commercial Property Leasing

Our lawyers specialize in helping landlords and tenants negotiate leases, including drafting new contracts, reviewing existing ones, and negotiating rent increases. We also provide advice on property management, maintenance, insurance, and financing.

If you’re looking for a lawyer who specializes in landlord-tenant law, we can help. We know what it takes to protect your interests, whether buying or selling real estate or renting out a workspace in one of your properties.

Contact our lawyers today with your commercial leasing questions – we’re here to help.

Commercial & Business Mortgage Refinancing in Alberta

Refinance your commercial mortgage with the help of our experienced legal team with a proven track record of success in refinancing commercial mortgages.  Work with us, and you’ll have a smoother experience and a more favourable outcome.  We will review your contracts with the bank or lending institution to ensure you are entering into a sound legal agreement and avoiding any potentially costly mistakes.

A commercial real estate lawyer will help you refinance your mortgage with a lower interest rate, reduce your payments throughout the duration of your term, and to ensure you are getting the best deal possible for your circumstances.  At Chahal Raj Law, we focus on saving you time and money and preventing unnecessary headaches throughout the mortgage refinancing process.  We understand the intricate process of refinancing a commercial mortgage and know what it takes to get you approved.

We can refinance any type of commercial loan, including:

  • Mortgages secured by commercial property
  • Unsecured loans
  • Construction loans
  • Leases
  • Equipment finance
  • Franchise loans
  • Business lines of credit
  • and more

How a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Edmonton can help you buy or sell commercial real estate

Commercial real estate law is complicated, but our team has experience negotiating many commercial real estate deals for clients.

Our lawyers understand the intricacies of the commercial real estate market in Edmonton. They know what it takes to negotiate a deal successfully and how to protect your interests throughout the process.

In addition to providing legal advice, our lawyers also offer guidance on all aspects of the commercial real estate transaction. We help you navigate the complexities of buying and selling properties, including drafting purchase agreements, negotiating lease terms, preparing closing documents, etc. We work with lenders and brokers to ensure that your loan closes smoothly and efficiently. And we offer ongoing support as you move forward with your new business.

We assist with Land Development

Our lawyers have helped many clients through the process of developing commercial property and land. They can advise you on the best way to structure your business to succeed long term, whether you’re looking to start a new company, expand an existing company, or create a real estate development project. They can also help you negotiate contracts with developers, contractors, banks, insurance companies, etc.

Our real estate lawyers have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you navigate through this complex process.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop your next project or streamline your next real estate transaction.

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